Anyone own Bose AE2w Bluetooth Headphones?

    I'm looking for the AE2w Bluetooth Module only for my AE2i headphones, but can't order them from Bose without a serial number. Happy to pay £10 on top for someone who owns a pair to order the part for me. Thanks!


    When you refer to module, do you mean transmitter?

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    Well, the receiver? The bit that plugs into the headphones via the 2.5mm audio port. However, I called Bose and they charge £105 for this now - it used to be far, far less, so this isn't really feasible anymore

    Something like LeClip with a short adapter lead?

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    Must have been in an alternate universe, have a look at this…BL0

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    That might do, I'll look into it, thanks!
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