Anyone own this eBuyer elliptical?

    A long shot I know, but I have asked at the ebuyer forums, through an enote to ebuyer and by trying to search google for the same model and not had any luck

    Does any one own this fella and can tell me how big it is?…555

    I want it, but only have one place in my whole house I can put it...and I need to be sure it'll fit there (been looking for an elliptical for weeks now and all are just a little too big for my space, boo). Specifically I need to know it's length. Thanks if any one knows


    It probably doesn't help, but there is a cheapie here :…812

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    Yeah that one is too big unfortunately
    Think I might just have to give up on the idea of getting one as I simply can't find one that will fit, searched high and low, might just have to accept they don't come in the size I need it (Max length: 85cm, Max Width: 50cm).

    Na im pretty sure you can get one that reaches those measurements. Whether ebuyer one does or not im not too sure. Couldnt you contact ebuyer and ask them?

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    Well I read the FAQs and it says...hang on I will find it again.

    I need to find out more information about a product, what do you … I need to find out more information about a product, what do you suggest?A. In the rare event that you cannot find the relevant information on our site then we advise you to visit the manufacturers site to obtain more detailed information. Afterall they know their products better than we do.


    1. Do you offer product / compatibility advice ?As we are a product … 1. Do you offer product / compatibility advice ?As we are a product reseller we are only able to offer the advice that is available on our website. You can compare products on our site and there is a link to most manufacturers via their icon next to the relevant products. They should be able to offer this information to you.

    And when you go through the enote process they don't have a category any where near product enquiries, I have submitted one any way, but don't expect much of a response. I have also asked on ebuyers forums but not received any reply yet.

    I just noticed it says on the page:
    manufacturer #: CF-1600

    If I knew who/what that related to that might help me...

    We did have one. It was about

    3 feet long by about 4.5 foot high by about a foot wide?

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    oooh, by 'did' I assume that means you no longer have it so as to measure it? If it is 3 foot it's too big

    Can't find anything about 'CF-1600' referring to an exercise machine or company.


    We do still have it however its right at the very back of the shed which i cant get to it

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    Thanks for trying to help all, I have gone ahead and ordered it any way...probably gonne find myself in a real pickle when it turns up on Friday and is about 5 times the size I was expecting it to be, but oh well...I WANT IT teehee

    Starlet, are you looking for that size because it wont fit in the space? Or because it'll look too big, because i remember on mine i could rmeove the handles.

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    It's a space issue, the height/width aren't that's the length that's the issue.

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    I GOT IT :):)

    I hate it :(:(

    Firstly, it's too big for my room...actually that's an understatement, it takes up my entire's bigger than the ones I discarded for being too big (will measure it in a minute so any one else searching for it might come across this thread).
    Secondly, it's too big for in...I am only 5ft, the foot peddles are so far apart it's not comfy and the handle bars are too far forward that I have to lean over (only ever ever so slightly) and after just 20 mins my back was aching like a bitch from it! - I think if I continued to use it I'd do myself some lasting damage!
    Thirdly, the instructions for the computer on it are the wrong ones...they are for some exercise bike! So I can't understand what the heck it's on about! Like I said, yesterday I did just 20 minutes on it to get me started, apparently I did 3.3 'distance' and 5.5 'calories' - 3.3 WHAT, meters, miles, steps, kilometers? and 5.5 calories in 20 minutes? I burn more than that just from being alive for 20 minutes! 55 is also surely too low for 20 minutes, and 550 is too much, so what the heck is that measuring?!


    If you want a compact exercise machine, why not buy one of those lateral thigh trainer things you see being advertised on the telly in the early hours of the morn?? They sell cheaper versions in argos - I've got one

    55 calories is a bit too low for 20 minutes, but maybe it depends on the strength you have it at, and other stuff lol.

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    Well I did 30 tonight and it said 8.3, I know that 8.3 and 83 are too low, and 830 is way too high so the mind boggles as to what it is measuring it in.

    For any one interested here are the dimensions of it:
    Length: 108cm (122cm when moving)
    Height: 145cm
    width: 60cm
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