Anyone paid for a car transport delivery service? Any recommendations?

    Thinking of buying a car, but need some delivery, as at the moment its not running.

    Just wondering if anyone has used any particular companies?
    I'm based in the Midlands if that helps.

    It's something i have never done before.

    Kind Regards


    TWW Recovery

    We collect and deliver most types of vehicle all over the UK.

    Located in the Dover area of Kent we are a reliable family run business specialising in recovery, mechanical and welding work.

    Very competitive pricing - call 07818 690348 or 07733 104663 for a quote.

    Minimum charge £30 for up to 10 miles loaded transportation.

    £0.75 for each mile thereafter

    Fully insured, reliable and friendly - call us for a quote now!!

    To enable us to give you an accurate quote we require the postcodes/address for collection and delivery, along with the vehicle make and model.

    Also, please inform us if vehicle requires winching or is driveable

    my son in law has a recovery business
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