anyone paying for Flubit subscription?

    Can anyone confirm if it's worth subscribing to monthly/annually to Flubit for mainly Amazon orders?

    It says 'up to 15% discount ' but is it anywhere near that most times or better to stick to the free member.

    Also, how is your experience with returns if something goes wrong?

    Thanks all


    I've been with flubit for ages as a free member which suits me fine, the main advantage is being able to paste links from other websites rather than just amazon.the discounts are the same whether you are a paid member or free member. I've returned a couple of things before and ive had no problems.

    I am, the free one gives bigger discount.

    stillw aiting on an xmas presetn that never turned up. shambolic service tbh

    It is a running scam in the UK, not worth risking your flawless amazon return policy with something dodgy as them, check out my recent problem involving a 1700X cpu:…uk/

    I stopped using flubit. 9 out 10 you save a few %, all fine and great until item 10 is broken/used/wrong. Not worth it and I am talking about the free version.
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