Anyone play farmville on Facebook

    Does anyone play farmville on facebook and if so does anyone know where you can get the farmville secrets and tips pdf file for free?

    Wanna be neighbours then drop me a pm.


    i'm tottally addicted to farmville! nearly level 35!!!

    lol i used to play this all the time, moved on the cafe world now.....

    boring!! best game is country story addictive you have to do quests xx

    NOOOOO NOOOOOO i'm sick of getting farmville yoville or anyville requests...i stupidly started fishworld and am addicted to that:oops:

    love farmville but also go started with cafe world now. too addictive

    Im kinda addicted as well hehe. Level 43 lol

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    Ive been playing for about 2 weeks and upto level 19, very addictive.

    Im hooked on Trasure Madness

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    Just links to the pdf you have to pay for.

    Yeah I love it too... but having a break from it all this week, I have so many games on facebook I'm addicted too... my fish will prob be dead, my crops dead and all my buisnesses in mafia wars will be closed lol...


    lol i used to play this all the time, moved on the cafe world now.....

    All about cafe world :thumbsup:

    love love love farmville totally addicted to it
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