Anyone played any GameCube games on Wii?

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if those of you who own a Wii console can answer the following: can you play both US and UK GameCube games on a UK Wii console without problems?

I sold my GameCube console a while ago, but I still have a few great GameCube games (mainly US and UK versions), so I would be interested to know if anyone played any GameCube games (and what version?) on a Wii console.

Thanks for your help!


Well, i havnt played on my Wii yet (Christmas prezzie from GF) but i know for a fact that a UK wii will play UK gamecube disks.

It will also play import games BUT you need to have a freeloader or other such "cheat" disk.

Im guessing that you allready have one of those for playing your imports anyway, so it shouldnt be a problem =)

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Thanks serj, I contacted Datel and they told me that the newest version of Freeloader (from Dec. 2006 or later) works with the import games on a Wii console.
More info:…s=8

im afraid it doesnt - datel are lying.

i bought one last year when i first had a Wii and it did work and i got to play my US imported games. I just got a Wii a month or so ago, and when i tried to play my game this time, it didnt work.

This is because Wiis latest update has made the Freeloader useless - yes its sad of them to do that, thats why i sold my Freeloader and am down to just 4 US games which i cant use.
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