anyone played enslaved yet

what version you got of the game what you think of it as heard alot of differing views


i got the demo and while i did think it was pretty good at first, i realized that the platforming was simply just pressing a and moving the analogue stick rather than games like prince of persia which have a challenge in platforming


what challenge would that be? Pressing the triangle button too? Just … what challenge would that be? Pressing the triangle button too? Just interested, I've never played a Prince of Persia game, I've heard the latest one is crap. Which would be the best one to start with?Bearing in mind I'm crap at conflict, unless it's slapping in Little Big Planet.

I enjoyed Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (the game, not the movie)

As for Enslaved I have burnt it to a disc but not played it yet, so little time, so many games to play

the new one does bring a challenge in and in the other prince of persia's it is not so much of a challenge but it has puzzles and like saws on the ground which you have to get past. these are ways you could get killed. unlike enslaved where you don't have to time when you are pressing the A button again but just spam it and the when fighting it's pretty much spamming again but you can mix it up.
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