Anyone please help with my 360?

    Banned i'm struggling to connect my 360 to the's being connected to my computer by cable which then picks up the wireless from my router...for some reason it says my network cable is unplugged and won't connect? i've been following a guide on the net have done everything it stated including allowing ICS and putting a new ip... if anyone has had a similar problem and found a solution please let me know....cheers


    Not done it this way, but have you set one IP on the PC ethernet and a different one on the xbox?

    I would think the gateway on the Xbox would be the PC's IP (not sure on this one!)

    Does the Network connection on the PC in the control panel show that is is connected?

    Original Poster Banned

    i changed the ip of the local area connection...which should be the link between the 360 and pc...but i haven't touched any other settings...the local area connection just shows up as "network cable unplugged" although it is connected and the cable is not i hate computers


    This is not the way to do it. You dont connect your XBOX to your PC network port. I know this is possible but not the standard way of doing it. If you do that you need to set ICS correctly on the PC, and ensure that the XBOX is assigned an IP address via DHCP on the PC or alternatively you will set a static IP address on the XBOX. Either way, you will need to ensure that the gateway setting on the XBOX settings is pointing to your router. Doing an ipconfig on the PC will give you the gateway address. If you are using a static IP address, then you will need to ensure that you are not using the same IP twice.
    Having said all that, I advise you not to do it this way.

    What do do is connect your XBOX to your Router, using a network cable. It's really as simple as that, and it will work without a problem. If the router is far away from the XBOX just get a longer cable and connect it up.
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