Anyone purchased a screen protector for a Linx 10" tablet?

Found 25th Nov 2014
Had mine delivered today and I wanted to purchase a screen protector but then I noticed the 'Peel off this mask after application completed' sticker.

So i'm assuming there's already a screen protector on there, but is it safe to peel off the sticker?

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If it is telling you to peel something off then I might hazard a guess that you should peel it off.
I peeled it off, but I think it was the actual protector that came off. I'm now looking for a new protector that will fit...
Anyone find one that fits? Think the peel here was the screen protector, grr
Galaxy tabs are too big btw
I did the same, started to peel it off and realised it was the protector itself. I had only peeled off part of the corner so put it back down, but now I have air bubbles. I have found some on Amazon specifically for the Linx 10. £1.95 + £3.98 shipping. No reviews so don't know how good they are. This might be the link but I'm not sure if I have done it correctly!? Hope this helps. amazon.co.uk/gp/…5EC
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I had the same problem, peeled it off, and didn't realise that it was the actual protector and the cover.....annoying.
I bought the 10 also, and was thinking to myself when opening and seeing that there, hmmm, I ain't peeling that off, it feels fine and will do as a protector! I was thinking bout cutting the blue tab away, but I managed to just peel off the blue sticker and my protector stayed put just fine.

Just a note for others with a new tab in the same boat as us.

As for protectors, the only ones I have seen for the linx are mentioned above (made by the by the same company doing the custom cases fyi) so can't help any further!
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