anyone read chronicles of Narnia??

    i got the set of 7 today and not sure what to read first, the magicians nephew or lion witch and wardrobe. i asked some people but keep getting different answers i wondered if anyone knows

    thanks and rep for answers


    Magicians Nephew is the first book, so start there

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    Magicians Nephew is the first book, so start there

    thanks :thumbsup:

    Choc, what you doing up? Late for you...

    Can't sleep.....have even downed a bottle of wine :?

    You alright? Nothing playing on your mind is there...

    I'm ok hun, think I'm probably just too chilled lol

    Good, you are one of the few that I look out for on here, so I was genuinely enquiring...I was watching an old Bill Hicks video and just came on to see if anyone was about.
    Do you need anything?

    Bill is cool

    Nowt I need but why are you on so late/early lol ?

    I'm a bit of an insomniac. Plus I'm off just now, so no early wake up call for me. I love this time of night. Mellow, peaceful. I would love to do it the other way, early to bed, and early to rise, but I am a bit of a night hawk, so usually up late trying to keep myself out of mischief :roll:

    I know the feeling lol but usually getting myself into trouble.......the wine doesn't help but trying to deplete the Christmas left-overs :whistling:

    I'll swap you the boxes of chocolates and sweets I've still got for some wine :thumbsup: Any fatter and I'll need to get the firemen to take out the side wall and use a crane! I usually start my resolutions round about the 10th. Have you got anything that you said that you are going to do this year, apart from visit Glasgow? :-D

    A trip to Scotland is on the cards lol as I've never been, done Ireland and Wales ;-)

    OMG no more choc, I have a little cake shelf for a tummy which needs to go sharpish :w00t:

    Red or white wine ?

    One resolution this year is to do more things on my own that I've been scared of doing.....i.e. going to the theatre to see more obscure things my friends aren't interested in, eating out more, travelling more (bit scarier)

    Good, you'll love Scotland I used to love my red wine. It's been agaes since I had any, but I did used to buy a lot of Chateau neuf de pap, and Fat ******* was another I liked....Sobriety's a curse! :w00t:

    I have my eye on you two.....

    Hey leefal......:-D

    'evenin choc.

    you mean morning :w00t:

    why you up ?

    I am now scoffing Quality Streets so with all this sugar in my system bed isn't going to happen lol

    You're so funny rehydrated lol

    Panic ? I'm in couldn't give a rats toosh mode, still looking good and milestone Nov 5th.

    Cheeky bleeder lol

    Gotta say, I do love cooking for people though

    As to keys, every Tom, Dick & Harry seem to have keys cut to my place so no probs in that dept. My gardener has 2 sets for some reason :?

    Long hair Highlander ?

    Thats ok, I like nuts

    I talk to myself all of the time....even have arguments :oops:

    Waaaait a minute..........where is the rest of this sexually charged thread?


    looks like disney has dropped the next narnia film which is a dissapointment

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    hopefully someone else picks up the series

    I vote for Micheal Bay, and we could replace the kids with Jason Stratham, The Rock, Nicolas Cage and that big dude from the Green mile.
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