anyone reccomend a good printer?

Found 27th Apr 2009
Hi guys, im in need of a printer but theres that many on the market i dont know which one to go for? im looking to spend between £50-£100 and hopefully get one that is an all in one printer scanner etc. if anyone can help then itd be much appreciated.

thanks in advance
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I have this one its fab & a v good price at the mo too…htm
Wireless are the new 'in thing' if you know what I mean - but Tesco's have 2 models currently reduced from approximately £100 down to £47 or so - one of them is HP (sorry don't have exact model number) the other one is Lexmark X5650
4 in 1 print, copy, scan and fax - the replacement cartridges aren't too bad either price wise....

As I mentioned earlier - there are two models there that have been reduced - I will see if I can see it for you on Tesco Direct.....
If you have a Makro Card there is a fantastic deal on one of the Epson printers in there too at the moment - it isn't specifically mentioned in the Makro Mail, but it is around £40 + 17.5% VAT...
Personally though, for the hassel free experience, I would just rather pop down to my local Tesco, and bag one there!
As the post above said Argos may be worth a try too as you can always reserve and collect. I also went into PC World tofay and Currys' and Comet, and couldn't find any of their deals that beat Tescos "Hands Down"....


Have a look at this link....…=13
thanks alot hunter and cloud, glad you pointed me in the direction of tescos cloud because i never even gave them a thought, i think the lexmark you mentioned looks about the best value for money from what iv seen and the fact that it only takes 2 cartridges that arent well priced is a big deciding factor! rep to both of you for the help.
I got a HP C5180 printer from E-Bay. Ialso bought it with a CISS and have used it for about 18 months and have never had to buy or refill the ink cartiriges. It is used all of the time for work and the kids and printing photos.
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