Anyone received email from "Amazon seller" asking for reviews?

Found 10th May 2018Edited by:"djonesuk"
Just received an unsolicited email from someone purporting to be an Amazon seller offering free product in exchange for 5-star reviews.

Details are scant - no company name, no product names, just a promise of a Paypal refund after finishing the review.

I presume the scam is that you buy the product, review it and no Paypal refund is forthcoming but I just wanted to let people know and ask if anyone has received anything similar.

I won't be very happy if I find out that they got my details from Amazon. I hope they treat my personal information with a little more respect than that.

EDIT FOR CLARITY: Whilst I would consider reviewing a complementary product, I would never promise a certain review outcome in return for free goods.
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well seeing as amazon have banned incentivised reviews, i'd steer clear regardless..…ts/
It was me. You wanna go ahead?
adam_holcombe31 m ago

well seeing as amazon have banned incentivised reviews, i'd steer clear …well seeing as amazon have banned incentivised reviews, i'd steer clear regardless..

Ermm.....all except amazon vine
There is a group on facebook you can join for this. No scam they just want a review and then they refund by PayPal.
I've been offered something similar. However, after a few emails I found out that they would not refund if I didn't review the item in an acceptable time frame (didn't go into what was acceptable). Also, if I wasn't going to give a 5 star review, they wanted me to contact them first.

I have a friend who reviews makeup and although she gets sent a lot of it, they do hassle her constantly to review it. So if she receives something on a Friday, they expect it to be done over the weekend.
I would avoid replying to any sellers who contact you on the same email address as you use for Amazon.
If they contact you on a different address it should be OK to reply. I'll assume most people have multiple email addresses and use certain addresses for certain things.

But be warned there is another reviewer purge going on at the moment.

You don't need to write 5 star reviews, if the product is crap, say it's crap.
If the seller doesn't refund you after you've posted your review. Send the item back to Amazon for a refund and get your back back that way.
Then alter your review to 1* and say how crap it is.
The seller will lose future seller sales, but it's their fault for not refunding you as promised.

OP. Can I ask did the seller's name start with H and were they offering about 5 or 6 Bluetooth products (the photos were attached to the email)?
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