Anyone received payment from Quidco?


    Has anyone ever received payment from Quidco when your transaction has not tracked and you had to manaully submit the claim.

    Or is the query still sat under ‘sent to marchant’ status.

    Admins - Sorry for starting a new thread on Quidco but I would like this to have the maximum exposure and feedback on this.

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    Is that okay?



    I am sure this has been answered many times in various threads.

    [SIZE=2]The query is send to the merchant and if successful, the merchant provides cashback which is then passed on to you. The time taken for this varies with merchants. :wink: [/SIZE]

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    Thanks Edi,

    What would determine the success?

    Should those claims not all be successful when you submit the claim the time and merchant info is already on there, is that not proof enough to validate your claim?


    In theory you are correct but some merchants are better than others.

    In essence, Quidco are asking the merchants to spend time and money searching for transactions and manually adjusting for them. Some merchants will pay lip-service to doing this, others will half do it and only the best will do it thoroughly.

    My only experience was with Blockbuster who accepted the claim but would only pay Quidco half the amount due because of the trouble they had to go to. Just remember, you will always receive whatever Quidco receives.


    My only experience was with Blockbuster who accepted the claim but would … My only experience was with Blockbuster who accepted the claim but would only pay Quidco half the amount due because of the trouble they had to go to. Just remember, you will always receive whatever Quidco receives.

    This was my experience as well with Blockbuster.

    I currently have a query running with Screenselect that has been ongoing since April. (Was "sent to merchant" at beginning of June) buy as yet I've not heard anymore. Just a waiting game I guess. :wink:

    What I have found is that if you follow Edi's advice from another quidco thread and clear your cookies BEFORE going through quidco transactions always track & I've had no problems since I started doing this - hth :thumbsup:

    i've sent three queries, all of which have been succesful, but generally take a few months rather than weeks

    5 out of 7 enquiries succesful, takes months though.

    there is a large incentive for the merchant to just ignore the claim, as it takes so long to process the chances are that whatever the transaction involved there is no way it can be reversed by the time the enquiry is finally seen to. whenever they are successful it is a credit to the specific merchant involved (as well as a credit to quidco, who unselfishly...and IMO insanely....keep very little of what is earned)

    If the merchant is found to be deliberately not validating claims or honouring tracked sales again deliberately, the network can remove them from their affiliate programme

    I have 3 outstanding:

    1 from The Mobile Outlet for £30 going back to the 11th of February
    1 from Fragrance Direct for £1 (I couldn't do my maths properly and thought I was going to get more than a squid!!! So I'm not really that bothered about this one!) going back to the 25th of March
    1 from BetFair for £25 going back to the 8th of April

    I know about 5 people who do Quidco, and 4 of them have all done BetFair and got the Quidco Cash Back without any problems. So I'm a bit annoyed. They said they had no problems whatsoever. But nevermind.

    I have only had 1 successful enquiry paid and that was paid in full from JackpotJoy. I have had one from Game that was for less than £1 processed where I won't get the money back from them. I did also own up that Hotel Chocolat were paying me for only visiting their site. My boss told me to look at what they had as their "End Of Line" offers, where is was loads of either cut offs, or stock that was near it's sell by date and it was quite cheap. I didn't know the website address, so I went through Quidco, and low and behold, when I looked a few days later, I had "spent" £60ish and had about £5 Cash Back! I never even had an account with them! So as a test, I went back on, saw the price of something on the main page, worked out what I would get Cash Back wise, then just looked on the items page, then closed Internet Explorer down. It turns out I got more than I thought I would, and I ended up with a total of £8.61. I sent this as a enquiry where I told them I had been paid for nothing and they may want to look into this. As a gesture of goodwill, they said I could keep the money for bringing this to their attention - which was nice. But in hindsight, I should have kept on looking at their items and could have retired at 20 with the money I was getting for nothing!


    Does anyone know if you can ask Quidco to follow up enquiries? I thought I saw somewhere that you could, but I can't see it anymore.

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    I have another query, I placed an order with ebuyer yesterday and the transaction has appeared but gone straight under the ‘declined’ status.

    Does this mean I won’t get paid?

    It obviously has tracked, so why?


    same here cu ebuyer and other users
    I filled a complaint

    Taken from quidco re ebuyer:

    **This will immediately track in as declined because of a reporting anomaly. The status should change after 6 weeks or so to pending if everything is okay with your purchase.

    thanks for the info fordy

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    Thanks fordy

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    How can I chase up the payment still not resolved from March with E2save before my contract expires and it's too late. It is still under 'sent to merchant'.

    I remember reading in the forum someone pointed out that their phone contract had expired therefore it was too late.

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