Anyone received their 'free' SD card from yet?





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    I have and it's a dud. The slot at the bottom is sealed, so is useless. Can't find a contact number for them, anybody know if there is one?
    And the returns better be free too. Paid £2.95 postage for this pap.

    why has this been expired ? :?


    unexpired now..

    There are a few members of staff you can contact via their "contact us" page-

    Please let us know the outcome of this

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    Had no reply to email yet. But I ave been told their are different types of Sd cards? I use to order off Ebay and they were small with the adapter. the one I've got just looks like an adapter. I may be wrong maybe it's meant to be like that?
    Message I sent them is not getting through my email account has been trying for 4 hours to send it to them...
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