Anyone receiving an order from Tesco Direct (CEVA) and had a delivery cancellation at 21:30pm ??

Found 15th Apr 2013
Were absolutely raging at the moment

It just turned half passed 9 tonight and I received a text message from Tesco Direct (CEVA for bed deliveries) to say my planned delivery will now be on the 23rd of April

We were expecting a bed frame to be delivered between 11-1pm tomorrow morning

Imagine sending out a text message at half 9 at night the day before to say we weren't getting the order till next week

Straight away I was on the phone to Tesco Direct, the lady couldn't stop apologising, she immediately refunded £30 to my account and said I should phone back in the morning to speak to their customer contact team

So we shall see what they say and offer

Anyone else had this problem with CEVA regarding deliveries ?
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When you speak to the customer service team what do you expect them to do different?
Sort the issue out and find out the reason why it was changed!!
lol saxo
didn't you get one of the acer ferraris too?
you get all the luck with CS.

We shall see what happens in the morning mate
I can tell you the reason it's because they were short of a driver maybe because driver was ill but I don't think they would tell you if they were short on drivers regardless.
How do you know this?
Called them up

It's to do with a Barcode problem, I was originally being sent out something else than my Bed

Looks like the Customer Care Team will call me today at some point

Apparently this has happened recently and to loads of orders being sent out by CEVA

Recieved £30 gesture of good will

Also £40 for an air bed

Nice one Tesco
Ceva are a load of idiots by the sound of it!! I ordered a desk Thursday 12th dec and the delivery slot I chose was Saturday 14th December as I was working every other day and it was a desk for my daughters 9th birthday in Sunday 15th. Desk didn't arrive so after 3 days if me calling them numerous times they came to the conclusion my order had been lost, when trying to reschedule it so tht I could get it in time for Xmas instead, was told it would not get to me until January 4th. Had to cancel my order and now can't find a suitable replacement! Feel totally screwed over.... £5 courtesy payment! Thanks a lot tesco and ceva! Daughters main present out the window
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