Anyone recognise this card game?

Posted 23rd Sep
I was introduced to a card game when stuck on a situation about 8 years back.

I can't remember what it was called but it was a very short name similar to the name Uno, or Snap, and indeed is played similarly to the game Snap.

It wasn't freely available at that time, Hamley's were only place that it could be bought from, or so I was told, sadly they didn't recognise my description :/

The game had about the same number of cards as a normal card deck, but they were slightly larger and thicker (almost firm). Each card was based around one or more of four colours, one or more of four shapes, one or more of four a 3rd variable that I can't remember, but ...

You play as I said similarly to snap, and play it very fast. And whatever your were trying to remember or decision to make slams into the front of your mind. It was an amazing game.

I was told it was used by intelligence services, and military. The person that used it on me was ex Navy, and certainly not unfamiliar with SAS/SBS. I think playing the game distracts you, allowing recessive memories, or forgotten passwords, to be worked on by your subconscious, instead of it being controlled by your emotions etc.

if I played the game just now, I'd remembered to name of the game :/
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J4GG423/09/2019 11:22


Sadly not.

It's a branded card game, with dedicated cards.
Slinger5523/09/2019 12:24

Is it SET? -

The people of my village shall sing your praises, just as soon as they finish their next round

Indeed, you are the winner, do pass go, and certainly do collect your £200 at checkout

Thank-you! Found it on play store now also, after your assistance.
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