Anyone recomend a good free piece of software ..................

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Found 1st Jun 2010
to be able to copy my dvd's to my PSP?

im going on holiday in a month an want to watch a few movies on my PSP
i have googled and downloaded a few bits of software but all the free ones i fined only allows me to convert say 3 mins or puts a water mark throught it unless u buy the full verstion

so i was wondering does anyone know of any good free bits of software that will let me do this that will do a full length movie?

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I'm way way out of touch with such things having not owned a PSP for years but try

DVD shrink (to rip the files from the disk to your computer) [make sure you don't rip extras and stuff like that]
Handbrake (to convert those files to PSP compatible ones)

Both free software.

Edit: From what I can gather, you might be able to skip the ripping to hard drive process with DVD Shrink and just use Handbrake to convert directly from the DVD to a mp4 (or whatever it is PSPs are compatible with)
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