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Found 2nd Sep 2009
any body know any good 360 games as i am boring of cod 4 and 5 so need to expand was wondering about a few games which are blue dragon assassins creed scene it wolfenstein and burnout paradise just wondering what these games are like and any others you know that you enjoyed and map packs fallout 3 gta fable 2 etc



If you dont have the new batman game, get it!

burnout paradise is a fantastic game! I reccomend giving it a try.
Its a bit different to older burnout games but just as good!

assassin's creed was 10/10 for me. i played finished it last week and really enjoyed it. plus you could pick it up real cheap now.

Halo 3,

If you like JPRPGs as Blue Dragon is, go for Lost Odyssey instead. It's a fantastic RPG, one of the best I've ever played, and you will get countless hours worth of game time on it. You can pick it up for pretty cheap as well these days making it even more value for money.

Gears of war 1 & 2 and left 4 dead are musts to have a dabble with

Crackdown, The Club, The Outfit are cheap and worht the £5 you can pick them up for. Fight Night is worth £10

Streetfighter is a good fighing game, for sports its fifa 09.

If you want to splash out Ghostbusters is quite good. I dont play mine enough to warrent paying £40 so shop about for bargins!

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cheers for the advice guys buying burnout paradise today so far cheers

i love the Cod games, thought gears of war 2 and left4dead would be too scary for lil old me but turns out i find them both wayyyy too addictive! horde mode on gears of war 2 is immense, teamwork essential. then left4dead is just pure fun and fun achievements to get. with gears of war 2 being almost under a tenner in some places then its hard to ignore. i got lucky with left4dead as someone sold it as 'disc only' for a tenner on here, couldnt ignore it at that price! good luck

Bioshock and Dead Rising are good games and cheap these days. Batman is really good so far, stranglehold imo is a good buy these days.

Batman Arkham Asylum
Forza 2

Theres loads, big tip - look at the Top 10 on Gamespot.
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