Anyone recommend a 2 year olds 1st bike?

    I noticed an ok looking Thomas one in argos for a 2 year old and the current little tikes one, but supposedly built terribly?

    Would like some info on a good bike that they themselves have bought for their wee one if possible:)

    edit : also would like any help with other fun ideas for 2 year old toys, its kinda like a new era in toys for me....out goes the mass of 12+ month stuff...feels like i only bought it last month lol :O


    i would suggest nothing above 50cc

    I would highly recommend one of those 'balance bikes' - 2 wheels and no pedals.

    My son whizzes around on his like no-one's business, whereas my daughter didn't really take to her trike when she was younger

    Like ]this


    ]This is the exact one my son has but I can't find any for sale after having a quick search on Google, but it looks wicked and is the same colour as the Thomas the Tank Engine helmets/kneepads.

    Hope this helps

    If you plan on getting a bike that has a parent handle on it (you can then usually take this off as they grow older) make sure you get a bike that you can lock the front wheel of or it will drive you potty. Our daughter's bike didn't have this so everytime we pushed her along she'd waggle the handle bars and the bike would be all over the place. My sister had one when her boys were little and you could lock the wheel which means you steer where they go, not them!!

    Take a look on Amazon as they quite often have good offers on bikes, they're doing a really wicked looking Little Tikes Cozy Cycle at the moment for £24.99 which I'm sure your boy would love.

    On another note, I know it's not a bike, by thoroughly recommended is a Wheelybug. They do two different sizes and are extremely well made, my 17stone husband has even been on our eldest daughter's!! My neice originally got one and since then another 6 have been bought on recommendations alone, they are fantastic and out of all our children's toys (daughters aged 3 and 7) these are what they have played with the most and after having them for 2 years (since age of 1 and 5) they played with them since day 1 and still love them as much now. They cost around £40-£50 depending on which size you get but I trust you they'll more than get there moneys worth out of them.

    Rambling on now, hope the above helps.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the help

    Looks like i might end up going for that one from amazon, and get him one of those other 3 year plus bikes later cheers :thumbsup:

    look at tescos instore

    My eldest is 2 in Dec but Im looking into pressies now! Its hard with xmas & his bday at the same time! Family are bugging me for ideas! lol!
    I was looking into a bike too so this thread has been a great help!
    A couple of others things ive found are these…-GB…-GB…-GB
    Figured fun 'learning' things would be good for him at this age.
    Oh & cant u tell Ive been on blooming marvellous' website today! lol
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