Anyone recommend a decent back-up program

    Hi all, I upgraded to AVG 9 the other week and yesterday i went on a weather site and AVG comes up saying there is a work worm and decides to install AVG malware, even though i said no to the install it did it and then my PC was knackered. Already had malware bytes which i normally use. Anyway the long and short of it is my PC got screwed.
    I had backed up a few days ago luckily (or so i thought) using Trueimage. When i tried to restore it got half way through and said the backup was corrupted. and crashed the whole pc. I then reloaded windows and tried an older backup.....said the same thing. So after a wasted 3 hours I just had to reload xp and all my programs....another 5 hours....and lost a lot of info.
    So could anyone recommend a decent preferably easy to use back up program??

    p.s. gone back to AVG 8.5 which i never had any problems with. Looks like V9 is more trouble than its worth just like norton!


    Norton Ghost.

    Are you sure it was the program and not your backup medium failing or something else?

    happend to me before 3 times in the same day kept backing up and bang corruped so lost lost of info too grrr

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    Thanks, got norton ghost, now to work out how to do the recovery disc!. Sure it wasn't the back up medium (external hard drive), as tried restore off a disc and did the same thing.

    Clonezilla is great (and free)
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