Anyone recommend a decent bluetooth headset for mobile phone

Found 11th Oct 2006
I am after a decent bluetooth headset for my nokia 6280 always after a bargain but dont mind paying the extra to get a decent one.

any help would be great

thanks everyone:thumbsup:
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I've been using a Jabra BT800 for over a year now without problems and has a great range so long as the phone has a good Bluetooth chipset (HTC PDA allowed me to make calls from neighbours house, Motorola L7 moans if I go to the next room)

But the best thing is Jabra's warranty support which is 2 years from purchase allowing me to totally bypass the retailer who will be slow and cumbersome, mine stopped working after I had went on holiday, I contacted jabra via e-mail they send give us the purchase information of your product and the problem via snail mail and the device alone (ie cheap postage cos no weight of packaging/manual/charger) which i did, 3 days alter from Holland a brand new headset arrived with all the packaging, got a spare usb charger and spare mains plug charger and new headset as a result, class company.

You can get the BT800 for £35ish if you look around, if you want something more stylie and discreetion I'd recommend the JX10 if you don't want the display/menu the BT800 has, useful for calling people u dialled or called u, but setting up voicedial on your contacts can bypass this with the JX10.
one thing i will advise you to do is, try before you buy!

everyones ear is different, some headsets fit perfect, some dont, so if you can try and demo them on high street stores then order online!

i hear good things of the Bluetrek G2 Bluetooth Headset, small and good spec ttoo. Check mobilefun.co.uk
cheers guys thanks for the help

will try a few on the high street to see what suits then get online and get them cheaper

thanks again:thumbsup:
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