Anyone recommend a good hot ginger beer?

Posted 28th Nov
It seems Old Jamaica no longer do the extra fiery ginger beer and I've looked everywhere, does anyone know of any other ginger beers that have that extra spice that they could recommend? Thanks.
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Have you tried Luscombe's Hot Ginger Beer?
lyesbkz28/11/2019 15:30

Have you tried Luscombe's Hot Ginger Beer?

No I've not tried it yet but I've seen you can buy crates of 24 on eBay.
If that's a recommendation I think I'll give them a go. Cheers
I've only ever had Fevertree and thought that was quite spicy, how is that one on the scale?
Most of the heat in most ginger beer comes from chilli oil rather than from ginger (check out the ingredients) so you could spice up any 'weak' beer with a few drops to suit your taste.
I think Bundaberg is a bit more spicy than standard Old Jamaica, might be just me though!
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