Anyone recommend a good PMP under £80?

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Found 14th Mar 2009
If you don't know what PMP is don't bother replying hehe.

Ones i've had are:

Meizu M6 MiniPlayer
Sumvision ICE 1000

And I want one similar to them, would like one with A good quality screen (better than Sumvision's) and excellent sound quality. I was thinking of getting one from Dane-elec's new range, has anyone got any of those?

And don't reply with things like 'You should get iTouch/iPhone etc, I don't like any Apple products, and prefer these cheap and cheerful ones that usually have more functions anyway!

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Look for a 2nd hand Playstation Portable or increase your spending budged for a new one.

Plenty of hacks for it to do things Sony didn't intend it to do and it has a very nice screen. Not to mention that for the few £ extra you will be able to play games on it.

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Already got a PSP, I want something that's only purpose is a media player. PSP is good, but it's too big

I have tried watching a movie on a PDA's 2.4" screen, it's no fun at all.

Just to annoy you, "Whats a PMP, mate." ;-)
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