anyone recommend a king size mattress? im leaning towards pocket sprung

Found 16th Mar
Looking for a new mattress and my budget is upto £300.
Are pocket sprung beds best?


Depends entirely on personal preference.

My personal preference is pocket sprung.

My experience with memory foam is it traps heat so you get hot pretty quickly...also isn't great for activities.

I have a pocket sprung with a top layer with memory foam which is pretty decent.

Experience tells that mattresses are the one item on which you should spend wisely but as much as you can for best products.

Pocket sprung mattresses have each individual spring in its own pocket. Open coils don't. Pocket sprung is better and they are individual and if someone is lying next to you it won't affect the coils on your side of the bed. The higher the pocket spring the better. Groupon have some really good deals on mattresses at the moment. Be worth having a look

I always thought pocket sprung was the dogs after my friend bought one this was over 20 years ago mind, it was so cool he showed me how he could jump onto it and land on the bed, not a sound as if it absorbed all the force of his body like the king of all shock absorbers.
So, I've never been able to afford one so have had to compromise over the years but always thought they were the ones to go for if money was no object, they are pretty heavy too, much heavier than the cheap one we got mum from tesco, couldn't believe how light it was soo cheap.
Anyway I hear latex is now the king but very expensive, and like someone said earlier memory foam seems to trap heat which is not good for me as I tend to sweat easily in bed. Wheras latex and gel has a cooling effect.
A lot of beds now are pocket sprung with memory foam top I notice.

I need the same so would be grateful if you could share your final choice!

Agree with Robot_Rooster - memory foam is a heat trap. At 6'3" and 19 stone a pocket sprung is essential for me, and after extensive 'testing' I found Ikea's HÖVÅG in firm to be ideal, and with a 25yr guarantee, and a swap for something else if not happy policy, I couldn't complain.

Choosing the ideal mattress on a budget is a challenge/minefield. You need to take into account weight and sleeping position (often these are different for two people in the same bed so it has to be a compromise).
Personally I like a quality1000/1200 pocket sprung mattress which can be both turned over and rotated (this keeps the wear even and extends the life of the mattress).
I don't belive in the gimmicks of gel/foam/latex in any form. Also coil spring counts can be misleading as some manufacturers stack coil springs on top of each other to increase the number of coils to impress.
So once you have your perfect basic mattress you can then buy a separate mattress topper to suit your needs (this is great as it can be used on either side of the mattress, unlike the ones which are sewn onto the mattress). This also means you can keep the mattress protectected from sweat/spills and change the topper as and when you like.
Finally a mattress protector to cover the topper finishes the job off.

Slightly above your budget but have a look around their site. Good report from a mate who bought one from there.…-cm

I would avoid memory foam, but the new latex ones are amazing!
I was thinking of purchasing from LatexSense they seem to have the best reviews here


Slightly above your budget but have a look around their site. Good report … Slightly above your budget but have a look around their site. Good report from a mate who bought one from there.

Bed looks cool

Make sure you have the correct bed for the right mattress. A lot of people have been putting memory foam mattresses on to divan beds and sweat like monkeys because the mattress can't breathe. There's a lot different divans as they come with padded, sprung edge or firm edge finishes. All these differences will determine what a mattress will feel like on them.
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