Anyone recommend a program to split a picture up to print it large eg on 9 sheets of A4?

    I want to print a picture for my sons wall using 9 sheets of A4. Can anyone recommend a program that splits a picture up to print multiple sheets of A4

    ive tried this one but it says because its a trial i can only print the first 3 pages…tml


    I'm sure you can do it in MS Paint.

    hmm i dont really have any idea about pciture management, but i know if you put the image into MS excel you can view the page breakup in dotted lines on excel, if you move the image around a bit you would be able to make it so it fit 9pieces of A4, im sure that would work as you can zoom out aswell to see the whole thing.. it probably wouldnt print out exactly to the edge of the thing so you would have to do a bit of cutting but im sure you could make that work...

    this might be bad advice as im sure theyll be specific packages out there if you want to do it more professionally but ive always managed to make things work in excel or word sumhow

    which program was the better one op- thats if you tried 'em?

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    I used s2rocks247 suggestion, was really easy and there just printing off now! Thank you
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