Anyone recommend an online ecommerce shop provider?

    Any recommendations for this? Using freewebstore at the moment which allows 50 products or so for 6.99 per month. Also freewebstore do…312 instead of the page name. So want something which is url friendly too

    Any good ones out there which are seo friendly too

    I have heard of bluepark but i use google checkout as one of my main payment methods - they dont provide the SSL certificate to use googlecheckout and it would cost a lot to get that for the site.



    CubeCart? its free if you use version 3. (just have a tag in the footer saying "powered by cubecart") although i'm not sure they use google as a payment gateway, but you can use paypal.

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    Am looking for one that is purely online like freewebstore but a better one. Anyone heard of puresilva?
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