Anyone recommend decent 2x cctv camera setup please?

Found 20th Jun 2018
Morning all

I'm looking for a half decent cctv home system comprised of 2 cameras. Ideally I'd like to be able to set it up myself so hopefully not too complicated. I'm quite good with computers not so much networking.

I'd like to be able to access the footage from my phone but I'm weary of this hacking malarkey. If there's a risk involved if just settle for local monitoring at home.

In terms of quality I'd like to be able to identify faces of people on my drive which is roughly 10m long. Back garden isn't too big either.

I'd like it cheap as can be really I'd say £150 would be a nice budget?

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I have just installed a ring floodlight cam at the front and back £300 sorted
Ring flood light cam?
ssc13 h, 13 m ago


Any in particular? Quite a broad answer there.
my system is getting old now im looking at thermal sensing type now. anyhow have a look on their website easy to fit. regular firmware updates too.
Most web-accessible systems could be said to carry a security risk, so to interpret your possible expectations: assuming you are hinting at two external cameras that will presumably be difficult for a casual thief to physically access, why not consider a system where the footage has an on-camera option? There are many standalone external cams with microsd storage option where the footage can be accessed via local network (and/or remotely when web access is granted). Just ensure that whatever option you select will still function without web access. Also consider that the motion-detection message alerts typically spat out by web-connected systems are not going to be sent by a system / camera that is normally isolated from the web.
Random 1080p example at £50 until 19:00 Wed 20 June 2018 that may suit…DZ/ and where multiple cameras can be simultaneously accessed on a device locally / remotely via web browser or via CamHi smartphone / tablet app, is said to be ONVIF compatible and has FTP storage function if you want to enable web access and not leave a local box running (optional web-based FTP storage can be bought annually for buttons, example: £1.25/yr
Near-identical item also indicates independent operation is supported: "...Install SD card for optional local recording and backup for Internet interruptions..." £59.99…2L/
Android CamHi app info at…_GB , IOS CamHi…289
I've just invested in this, sadly due to the mods putting it into moderation for over two days it slipped into the ether, I have 720p at the moment and it's truly hopeless for recognising detail.…461
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