Anyone recommend some good software to make a tablet child safe?

    Seems there are lots of products on the market. Looking for something that can lockdown apps & stores, and internet safe browsing?



    Some tablets have the ability to add a secondary locked down account and most ISPs provide child protection content filters
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    yes the ultimate software is talking to your child about the dangerous and letting them be responsible..

    on another note, android tabs allow you to go into play store or amazon app store and set passwords for buying.

    and check your router for kid safe settings, virgin have a safe search filter you can activate on there site i am sure bt will have similar..

    in truth though first thing is key as you can have all the software and lockdown you want if they wanna do something on the tablet kids are smart enough to do it..

    We use kids zone parental controls app. You lock with a pin to stop them accessing the main home screen and it also has chore mode which is a timer so they dont stay on it too long.
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