Anyone recommend tripod for professional camera?

Found 17th Nov 2009
I'm looking to get a professional tripod for a present for someone but have no clue about them so can anyone recommend one?
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Price isn't an issue. I'll have a look into those.

Don't have a clue about them so bit lost. Its for a nikon but not even sure what model
Doesn't matter what model it is, that will fit.

That's a good combination, how tall is the person? ill they be carrying it around a lot, i.e hiking with it?
remember if you get a profesional tripod it wont come with a head unit (the bit that attaches the camera to the tripod) and you can pay just as much for one of those as you can on the tripod
Its for my sister so about 5 foot 6, she's doing an Art degree so mainly for that so don't think she'd be doing to much hiking
Ok, the one i posted might be overkill then, i am 6ft 5 so need one that goes pretty tall!! Some people say it's heavy also, so not great for hiking maybe

These would be good legs then…8-1
Cheers Sancho going to go with a Manfrotto. Is Amazon best place to get them from?
Personally i would go for the Manfrotto. The one you linked to is the same one i linked to earlier
Paddy Charlie;6923950

Thanks for the help Rep added. I'm going to go for … Thanks for the help Rep added. I'm going to go for recommended

Went to order and those legs aren't sold by amazon so gotta get a different pair as need them delivered to Ireland and want them sent together as they will be a present
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