Anyone Recommmend A Cheap, multi-feature, DVD/VCR Player Combi Please?

    Hi everyone... I am new here... but i need some help finding a good priced VCR/DVD combi that is Multi-region and plays DIVX/XviD, and all other types of discs and movie formats too...

    I am looking around the web, but keep ending up finding one's that are too dear... Samsung and Toshbia apparently are good...

    Any help is welcome please!!


    Original Poster

    no help from anyone... thats nice init....

    Don't go for a cheap one. It might work for a year, but it will break down.


    This is the only one I can find that has all you want. With regards to multiregion, just unlock it. If you go for one PM me and I'll send you a site where all the unlocks can be found.

    I got some refurb'd Durabrand DVD/VCR combo for £15, think they're originally from Asda. Most players will take care of CDR's these days.
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