Anyone Recommmend A Cheap, Reliable Talk Talk Modem/Router Wireless Adapter, Please?

    Can anyone help? A friend of mine has just joined Talk Talk, (he's on 5MB broadband) and wants to go wireless. He has the router/modem, but doesn't know which adapters to buy.

    I thought they were all the same thing but some say 802.1g, 54mbps, 108mbps (I assume those two are the speed it can deliver). Are there any good deals I could recommend to him? He wants to go wireless as he doesn't have phone extensions in his flat for the other rooms.

    I have a BT Home Hub (on ethernet, I might point out, the BT Adapter I was using was worse than useless, and I'm on my fourth Home Hub!).

    Thank you in advance x



    ]this:- … ]this:-

    Defo the Netgear from them two. I reckon this one:

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    Thanks, all. Reputation left

    I'll pass the links on to my mate :thumbsup:

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    The Netgear WG111 is slightly cheaper here, if anyone else fancies it.. ]http//ww…009

    Though the reviews here are making me a bit nervous! I']http//ww…527 They're saying to install the v2 version of the software, maybe that's why people are having problems. Though ebuyer reviews say different. Argh.
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