anyone reconmend a pc game please

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Found 31st Aug 2009
gt a friend who lves playing runscape on line . wondering if theres any pc games silimar to this game please. was thinkin about World of Warcraft but no idea wot this game is like

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watch the review, see if u like the look of it

warhammer online is also meant to be not bad

I suppose you can try Guildwars, I use to play it but havn't got round to playing it still, it's about £15 from game, if you happen to want to buy it then buy it new as you need the activation code. Although i heard about guildwars 2 comming soon so you could wait for that as it's ment to have 10 x as much role play.
Also it's free unlike warcraft which is almost £10 a month

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cheers wow is £10 a mnth ? i guess thats to play online.both games (wow and Guildwars) are almost 5yrs old is it still worth getting?

Baldurs Gate, nuff said

I would say Guild Wars, but I personally lost interest after a while after buying all the expansions... Quest, run for hours, quest.

WoW is probably your best bet, but I would seriously recommend trying to come off the game and enjoying your life, or get an Xbox if life is boring :P

well your welcome to have an invite from me

try it and if you dont like it nothing to loose


warhammer online is sub

Players looking for non-stop Realm vs. Realm™ excitement have several pricing options available, beginning with a $14.99 monthly subscription. WAR subscription options include:

* Monthly Subscription: $14.99 USD* ~ 10 a month
* 3-Month Subscription: $41.97 USD* ($13.99 per month) ~ 26 for 3 months
* 6-Month Subscription: $77.94 USD* ($12.99 per month) ~ 48 for 6 months

Additionally, collectible 30- and 60-day prepaid Game Time™ Cards are available at many game retailers.

* 30-Day Game Time Card: $15.00 (plus tax) ~ 10 + tax ?
* 60-Day Game Time Card: $29.99 (plus tax) ~ 18 + tax ?

As part of your subscription, you are entitled to 24x7 in-game support, extended hours for voice-support and a state-of-the-art knowledgebase solution. All of our Customer Service Representatives are paid employees of Mythic and trained to offer you what we hope will be the best support in the industry.

* Plus tax where applicable. All charges are recurring until the account is closed. Accounts must be closed before their next billing date to avoid additional charges. A closed account will still be active until the remaining time on that account has expired. Please note all subscription plans are in U.S dollars. For currency conversions, click here.


world of warcraft is sub
use 10 day trial and then buy the game
(30 days free when you buy the original game)
40 days free game play
then sub

8.99 GBP One-Month Subscription
16.99 GBP Two-Month Subscription Game Card Only - buy from cheapest retailer prices go from £14.99 - £18.99 go for the cheapest
25.17 GBP Three-Month Subscription
46.14 GBP Six-Month Subscription

Age of Conan - sub was around £9 a month


eve online - sub

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graphics dnt think she's bothered as runscape the graphics are basic

well your welcome to have an invite from me

try it and if you dont like it nothing to loose
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