Anyone remember a film called, World According To Garp

This is one of my favourite movies ever, if not my favourite.

It stars Robin Williams as Garp, a young man brought up by his feminist but loving mother.

You see him grow up and in High School meet his future wife.

However their marrage doesnt go well and his wife cheats on him with one of her students(and bites a certain part of his body off when theres a car crash lol)

During this time Garp's mother joins the feminist movement and her house becomes a refuge for women of all types.

Whats funny is John Lithgow plays a post op transsexual who cares greatly for Garp and his familyand supports him.

Thats all I can say lol

Fantastic film


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I've not seen it, but good 'ole google found this :…17/

I've seen it but that was about 20 years ago:? A very strange film, funny but strange:thinking:
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