anyone remember a war film i saw when i was much younger?

    i need to know the title to satisfy my curiosity. all i can remember was this soldier got marooned, i think, and ended up building some sort of raft or boat and, in the closing scene, he tried to set sail but some bit of gantry or crane snapped or something, meaning he was pinned under the boat and drowned.

    anyone help?

    btw, went to see "the boy with the striped pyjamas" tonight - very good.


    American movie? Where was the movie set? Pacific?

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    english, pacific, but not entirely sure - i was really very young.

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    it was like he was waging his own war, if you know what i mean

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    i'm 40 - i think it was maybe 30 or a touch more years ago when i saw it

    colour film

    with Tom Hanks.......?

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    er no - a bit before his time!

    only ask as you implied it was maybe about 10 or so years old

    EDIT: I'm drunk and tired and mis-read you post. I though you said you were 30ish when you saw it, not that it was 30 years ago

    Now I feel a right old drunken buffoon

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    nee bother

    Need more info.

    Question now driving me mad!!!

    Will not sleep tonight!!!!!!

    which war ? soldiers uniform ? MASH type or British soldier.

    if it was black and white i think audie murphy starred in it

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    convinced it was colour unless i'm mistaken
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