Anyone remember the * free cards* offer?

    Does anyone remember the offer or miss print of cards that were showing up as free on a website some time ago??
    It was put on this site by a user and i remember i was lucky enough to get to the deal.Ive not received anything so i take it they didnt honour them.
    Does anyone remember this?


    Was it the moonpig deal?

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    no it was this poshish site where they had lotsof packs of cards for free
    packs of them for free...

    Vista Print do business cards but don't think they posh...I guess you mean greeting cards,don't remember.

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    yeah were talking months ago now,It was a really nice site, which sold packs of lovely easter cards,xmas cards etc
    very classy
    I think i must be going mad! I coudnt have dreamed it! LOL

    I remember one not long ago, but I didnt order so cant remember much about it.

    I think i might know the site you were on about. I will let you know as soon as i get back from work


    I just remembered the details.

    The one i did originated from this deal ]http//ww…th/

    This included cards, pens and a teddy bear all in a nice presentation box. I still receive mailings from the company which is "Cards for all occasions" whose website can be found at ]http//ww…uk/

    Hope this helps,


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    Aww thanks , but its not the right site. Im seriously thinking im going mental!!

    Didnt take it up, so not sure what happened but was it this deal?…089


    Didnt take it up, so not sure what happened but was it this … Didnt take it up, so not sure what happened but was it this deal?

    Thats the one I was thinking of, couldnt find it though

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    yes yes thats the one!!
    thanks!! im not going mad,i wonder if anyone had them:whistling:
    cheers all rep added
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