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Posted 15th Jan 2021
I was clearing the attic and found some toys and games from my childhood. I just wondered if anyone remembers these. I have both (these exact same ones), bought when I was a kid - I have used images from the internet because I need to clean the dust off the ones from the attic. They're full of it

Slot / Fruit Machine - Pull the lever and stop the reels. Two matching bells, cherries or 7's in a row followed by any symbol wins 2 coins. Three matching bells wins 6 coins, three matching cherries wins 12 coins and three matching 7's wins 20 coins (jackpot!) - I do remember the plastic coins had a really horrible smell, although now I think about it, probably was so children didn't try eating them similar to the Nintendo Switch cartridge situation - after all, they are a choking hazard. I do now wonder why a slot / fruit machine was marketed to kids, surely it just encourages gambling? I enjoyed it, regardless

Fun Size Vending Machine - This was good and uses no batteries. Would only vend if a coin is inserted (door can be opened though of course without a coin)

Did anyone have these? Do you miss them? What are your favourite childhood toys and games? Let's start the discussion in the comments!
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