Anyone rent a chair in a Salon?


    Anyone here rent a chair at a Salon to do their own Nails/Beauty Treatments? If so, can you give me an idea of how much the going rate is these days as a family member is looking to start-up and was wondering what they would be expected to pay for a chair hire in a Salon.



    ...and they can't do this themselves because?

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    ...and they can't do this themselves because?

    I'm happy to help others, maybe you should make that your new years resolution (_;)

    It depends where you are, we have hairdresser business in Belfast, Northern Ireland and we renting the chair out for £320 a month. This is inclusive of electricity, water etc. but you are responsible for your insurance, tax and of course your clients.

    A friend rents a chair here in NW London and pays £60 plus 10% of her takings a day, this includes all bills and use of salon juniors and receptionist hth
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    Wish I could offer some help, other than bumping this up, good of you to investigate for your family member. I hope it works out for them.
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