Anyone repaired s9 screen themselves? Smashed front

Posted 4th Jan
Anyone successfully done this? Any tips? Which repair kit did you use - link please? Vid recommendation? Bottom half of my screen is only responsive at the moment, not sure if it'll fix after replacing or I should give up completely. There's a small black bleeding near to the centre side where it was impacted with glass shattered around it but not overly big. thanks - is my phone smashing a sign that I been using it too much and should get rid of it?
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A few people I know have got new phones on Samsungs as they smashed their screens and it was over £250 to have it repaired, I do a bit of DIY at home and use tools at work every day and I wouldn't dare touch a phone repair like that, can see it being a total nightmare, with tiny special screws/screwdrivers the glued annoying bits, the tiny soldering (total nightmare!) and the fiddly lining everything back up to get it all back together... But good luck if you go for it
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I've not done a s9 but did a few others, wouldn't recommend unless you can get the proper black or transparent glue to attach the screen to the phone. The repair kits you find on eBay just include doubled sided tape which doesn't stick very well and you would have to be extra careful not letting water get in and I think s9 is waterproof, but it won't be doing it yourself.
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Don’t bother. Especially if you’re a first timer. It’s a pain. You have to go through the back and take out everything.

Doesn’t help the fact that the screen itself costs over £150.
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