Anyone Resolved Their Issues With (TalkTalk Fibre) Huawei HG633 Router? Wi-Fi Woes!

Posted 13th Jun 2016
I'm on Fibre Medium, for the last few weeks. My desktop PC is hard wired to the Master Socket but, otherwise, my phone, tablet and Beelink box (not used that often at present) connect to Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi is awful with this router, and it seems I'm not alone, from looking at the TalkTalk Community Forums.

I've tried inSSIDer 4 to determine the best Wireless Channel. Still I can see my wireless signal fluctuating on my phone (I'm sat right next to my modem!) and my Linx tablet has disconnected from the internet, as it tends to do, every day. I live in a small flat, so it's not a mansion

My previous ADSL router was a D-Link DSL-3780, no problems with Wi-Fi, and I got around 16meg Broadband.

To top off my troubles, my speed hasn't significantly improved either! It seems to fluctuate throughout the day - and still I see "buffering" when trying to watch streams.

So - TalkTalk customers in the same boat, what's the way forward? Seems there is a Firmware roll-out (v1.18) happening soon - I'm currently on v1.15t. Thought resetting the modem might make it upgrade, but no luck.

Apparently, at present, the HG633 is the ONLY model TalkTalk will offer Fibre customers - the previous HG635 was apparently much better all round.

Sorry to waffle, but I'm frustrated!
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