Anyone returned a mattress on 100 day trial to Simba?

Posted 5th Jun 2018
Has anyone got any expereince of returning a mattress to Simba under the 100 day trial?

They took my money lightning fast and delivered a week early.

However now returning they are slow and it all seems very suspect how ordering was super super fast but returning is the opposite.
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I’ve offended wondered this.
I’ve returned one , took a few days to arrange but no issues and full refund
jouster7 m ago

I’ve offended wondered this.

Well I am going through it so will let you know.

But so far not good at all waiting on "an external" courier service to call me at their convenience appranrtly now the 48 hours I was told has elapsed.

What was the process did you have to wait for the couriers to call you?
If so how long did they take?
Rang Simba then courier rung about 3 days later , then came to pick up 2 days later
Refund took a couple of weeks
3 Days that's ok (however I am over 3 days) just would like to be told how long not "within 48 hours" as it clearly is not.
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The reviews on page 2 are very interesting, the ones on page one seem manufactured
Refund took over 4 weeks for me...not impressed with their customer service either
4 weeks how come??
no idea...probably stuck in backlog or miscomms, it's a long time to wait for £700+ to be returned!
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