Anyone see the celebrity apprentice?

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Found 13th Mar 2009
Anyone watch this last night - have to say jonathan ross and jack dee had me rolling around laughing at times they are very funny especially some of jacks comments in the board room.
I thought everyone came across very well except patsy palmer (and possibly the ratners bloke), she acted like a complete cow when all she needed to say was yep, im on it. No wonder she hasnt had a job since eastenders apart from oh thats right back to eastenders..........


"Could i suggest firing the person who deals with the chairs"


"Could i suggest firing the person who deals with the chairs"

that was soooooo funny x

Agree patsy made herself look a right idiot. What an attitude she's got !! And i can't stand her accent, drives me mad.

Dee and Ross were funny, especially Dee in the board room about the chairs he he he......

loved seeing wossy take control,you can see why he's got so far if he's as pushy as that!! love him!



JR is God.

bbc iplayer mate

Patsy Palmer came across as a spoiled child... she's totally like her character in Eastenders... she was an utter cow in the board room!


"Could i suggest firing the person who deals with the chairs"

"Or Nick, he didnt do anything to help. Oh and he borrowed money from me....which he hasnt paid back..."

Jack Dee was great! Jonathan Ross was just annoying IMO

I thought that the boys idea was better, the girls only won because theirs was cheaper to make

Yeap it was a great watch! Loved it

"Between the three of us we have ten kids, and gok and alan... well between all of us we have ten kids"
Jack Dee is hilaurious

It would have been nice to see ALan Sugar crack a smile for the occasion - but I guess he didn't want to break out of character.

Ohh and I'd love some Velcro suits to stick the kids to the wall on! LOL

I missed this. WIll it be repeated>?


I missed this. WIll it be repeated>?

Not sure but you can watch it online:…ce/
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