Anyone seen a decent electric whisk / mixer for less than £16?

    Hi, I need a new electric hand whisk as mine has just given up before I need it for a charity bake sale! Sod's law!
    Looked online and the best I can find is a £10.99 +4.99p&p on amazon. There are cheap mixers for a fiver in Argos but it's slow and doesn't have dough hooks.
    Has anyone noticed one (preferably in store) for around £10 (inc postage if online). I need 200 or 300 watt with beaters and dough hooks please.
    Sorry to be petty with the price but I just want to get a decent deal and I need it asap


    Hey, did you find one?

    I picture them still waiting for a reply. Lol... Hope you bought one with metal end as the plastic ones melt in hot liquid. Plus they are all naff at the price range you quoted. Spend more or don't bother.
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