anyone seen Blow (j depp)

    i just saw its one damn excellent movie story lines great as its based on a true situation.


    I saw it a few years ago and thought it was VERY boring, my friend saw it a few weeks ago and loved it so its not everyones taste. most of my friends hated it at time too(not sure about now)

    Brilliant film, watched it a good few years ago

    Great film. Saw it on DVD a few years ago and then again on TV recently. I'm unsure why, but when I watched Smokin Aces on Wed night I thought 'this is **** compared to Blow'. No idea why I compared the two other than the obvious drug connection.


    I thought smoking aces was naff too, but loved blow :thumbsup:
    You're right, they're kinda similar somehow.

    I think i saw this on CHannel 4 a few weeks ago, really enjoyed it
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