Anyone seen or had a HIP done yet?

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Found 18th Sep 2007
Just wondering if anyone has had one of the new Home Information Packs (HIPs) done yet?

Did it hurt? was it worth it? will it last? can you sue someone if it fails?

Your thoughts please :whistling:


Which home information pack? :confused:

If you are selling your home and its more than a certain number of bedrooms you have to pay for a home information pack. This includes a land search and an energy performance certificate....

I don't think you can fail a hip. You basically get a rating of how energy efficient your house is and what steps you could take to improve it. The people who prepare the energy certificate have indemnity insurance so presumably you can make a claim but unless they got it radically wrong I'm not sure what you could claim for.

The energy certificates are valid for one year.
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