Anyone seen the music video of Shakira - She Wolf?

    Just watched it and all i can say is Holy Gajebus :D:D:D
    Song is not so good but the just wow, so hot


    Yup she is pretty hot.

    Song is average.

    i'm female and straight but she is gorgeous and oozes sex appeal

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    Here is the video i'm talking about

    Go on 1.00 / 3.49. Thats some real :-D

    shes so hot for the first time in my life i want to be male :oops:


    shes so hot for the first time in my life i want to be male :oops:

    Its never to be late to be a HERMAPHRODITE. :-D

    (I joke)

    she can certainly move!

    Just watched it with sound off as lass is watching tv, certainly makes it more sexy, yep she can move and what a body she has :p:prop::w00t::pirate::viking:

    I feel faint.

    WAITER, need clean underwear here pls

    I think she looks like a nut in that video and rather than the dancing look sexy she looks like a goon. She should stick to shakin that ass and not doing some demented body popping in ridiculous costumes.

    cold from me.

    Its that middle eastern blood in her


    she is worth a squirt.. but the tune is serious dog poo

    am suprised you guys even noticed there was music :w00t: My partner loves her and i imagine this vid will make him love her more lol
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