Anyone seen the samsung galaxy ace?

Found 5th Mar 2011
Seems like a nice android phone (similar design to the galaxy s) but a cut price version, similar to how wildfire was for desire?

also means that features were cut, like 800mhz processor, but if the price goes to say £150 it would be pretty decent.

At the moment though its £200! That's more or less the price of a HTC desire, should go down though..…ace
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I was interested in the Galaxy S didn't know weather to get that or wait for the S2 but this one seems good.
Saw it today in my local O2 shop - nice looking handset. Was £230 PAYG in O2 but think 3 are selling it for £200. A bit overpriced at the moment. As you say, almost same price as Desire but not as good. Runs 2.2 out the box and supports flash so better than the Wildfire (but more expensive) and not worth more than double the Orange San Fran.

Again, like you say, if prices come below £150 might be a decent bet.

They also had the new Galaxy Mini - quite small but looked quite nice. PAYG was about £144 but would be good value at £100.…ack
Not too sure about that Mini, would definitely rather have a san francisco. I reckon the wildfire is also much better if you really wanted a well branded android.

Anyway, here's hoping the phone goes to £150! I went from iPhone, got bored, went to san francisco oled then got bored and went back to iPhone, but have gone bored again, so am looking for a new decent priced phone
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