Anyone seen this program ?

    one night in early hours of morning i was watching a program on tv think it was on either channel 4 or dave. Its was a british program and was about truckers bidding on contracts and then collecting and delivering once they won it with the lowest bid. I havnt a clue what it was called,and was hoping someone from the community would know.



    Shipping wars UK maybe?

    Program ?

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    Sounds like Shipping Wars on More 4 to me - … Sounds like Shipping Wars on More 4 to me -

    Thanks. Your spot on by the description. Thanks.

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    Can close this modes, been answered. Thanks

    Yeh shipping wars

    the US version is better


    Program ?

    Yeah, a TV programme, I wouldn't become a detective if I were you.

    You do realise this is"scripted entertainment"
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