Anyone send a luggage/suitcase through (Parcel2go, InterParcel, etc) without putting in box or wrapping?

Found 17th Apr 2009
Just wondering if I can send an empty wheeled duffel bag using either Parcel2go or Interparcel without putting it into a box or putting bubblewarp around it. It is 27"x10"x17" which is below the maximum dimension and doesn't weight too much but I don't have a big enough box to ship it in so hope to just send it as is. Anyone have expensive with any parcel delivery companies to just send luggage/suitcase of some sort to another person in the UK?
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Have you asked them? Some companies won't handle goods that are not protected. If I were them I would accept it on the understanding that it if arrived damaged it's down to you.

Bubble wrap is cheap these days.:)
Please try and wrap it or box it it WILL be marked at least when it gets to its destination. They are transported in at least 2 vans and 2 trucks. sorted on conveyors and put in cages and stacked up with other various boxes and bags of various dirtyness and dustyness. At least wrap it in several bin bags and wrap it securly with parcel tape. it may be difficult to unwrap but in a better condition when it gets there.

I know I used to work for a well known next day parcel company.

i asked parcel2go and they said its ok but the person I spoke to didn't sound too sure so just wanted to verify it here. Thanks for the replies, I'll just have it bubble wrapped. Cheap in poundland. Repped all
I would wrap it and also I would fill it with scrunched up newspaper to give it some sort of protection while in transit .
I once posted a suitcase (30KG) via Fedex from Belgium to UK after my housemate decided to leave the country and then couldn't get a visa to get back in so I can't see why not.

They told me to put tape around it so could see if it had been tampered with.

Was also told 30KG was the absolute limit unless I wanted to pay extra to have 2 men come collect it.

Cost about 300 euro mind from what I recall.
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