Anyone shopping at Ebuyer before?

    hi just wondering if anyone has experience in shopping in ebuyer website? is it trustful and does it have fast shipping?

    Thanks in advance.



    Yes and shipping as fast as you want.

    Very good, very reliable, and good customer support.

    Great experience, ordered many times before.
    Couple months back placed an order for a PC at 9pm, received confirmation of payment at 10pm, received the goods 9AM. Can't complain.

    Never heard of them lol!

    Excellent company, I ordered pretty much every component for an ew pc recently and it all arrived very quickly and safely.

    Messed up with the power and had to order a replacement, did so around 10pm and got it the next morning (i did pay extra though) but normal delivery very fast.

    Also, returning the wrong power supply was very straight forward.

    The RAM was faulty but within a few days I sent it back and had a new set delivered to me.

    Can't fault them.




    They're ok. Recently took about 10 days to deliver some PC parts. They … They're ok. Recently took about 10 days to deliver some PC parts. They sent a used, returned motherboard instead of new, so had to get it exchanged. The courier sent to collect failed to turn up, so took another week to get the right part...:roll:

    This is far from typical with them. With all large retailers you will get some unhappy customers but Ebuyer are generally one of the good guys.

    I have ordered hundreds of items from them and never had an issue that wasn't resolved quickly.

    Up there with Amazon in my book.

    Decent site, Customer Service is a bit weak, but that is the same for most of the big online companies

    Would highly recommend. Used for many years and never had a problem. A little note to add, if you select the cheaper shipping and the product is available, they will 90% of the time ship it out quicker for no extra charge, in my experience! Although havent used them for a while.

    Putting "ebuyer" in the search box would have given you over 3000 results.
    Think you could safely assume from that that its fairly well known and used. :thumbsup:

    Spent loads there in the past. Very good company imo. Had a couple of faulty parts before (Motherboard) and they replaced it right away.

    They seem to get most complaints due to delivery, but really thats the courriers fault. Not sure if they still used City link but I know they had a lot of complaints due to them


    Recently, the Free shipping option has seen all my stuff posted the same or the next day. Last week I ordered a 500GB laptop drive at about 2pm and it was with me at 10am the following day. Thats not a one off either. Several orders have been sent the next day.
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