Anyone sign up for the free Virgin Media Partners SIM - contact your bank urgently

Posted 31st Aug 2019
Usually I'm quite wary but that Virgin Media Partners SIM ( deal website looked quite genuine and I fell for it and placed the order. Shortly after reading the comments I thought it was fraud so dug a bit deeper. The domain has all it's privacy settings turned on (not what you'd expect from Virgin Media), the telephone number in the welcome email doesn't exist, and then I rang Virgin to check if they'd received the order and turns out the order number format doesn't even match, but they still checked against my address and confirmed there was no record of any orders for me.

Currently on the phone with the bank trying to get it all resolved but seems to be a case of identity phishing.

Just finished with the bank - they're saying not to worry because they can't do much with the details collected. Need to be wary of any inbound phonecalls from someone claiming to be from Virgin, or HMRC or similar calling and wanting to confirm identity with either more personally identifying information, or card details etc. Make sure you don't say anything and if you suspect it might be genuine then hang up and call them back on a trusted number.

Pretty elaborate setup, they've gone out of their way to make it look legit and even got the broadband availability checker working - I tried my mates address who can't get it and it correctly came up saying it's not available.

Even with the advice above, I think it's best if you contact your bank and take it from there.
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